Re-Elect Lockman for State Senate | Senator for Delaware’s 3rd District

Why I Serve (A Message From Tizzy)

I ran for State Senate because I believe it’s time for communities across this district to unite and advocate for a better future. When I look around our district, from Wilmington’s east side to its west, from Hedgeville to Newport, I see talent and energy that other places would be lucky to have. Every day, I meet people eager to build safer communities, stronger schools, and thriving businesses. I’m running because I believe that together, we can channel all of this potential, talent, and energy into positive change for our district and state.

At this moment, the strength of our potential must confront the depths of our most serious challenges. For too long, residents of our district have felt that their voices have not been heard and their needs have not been met. Too many families are falling behind. Many of our schools lack the resources necessary for our children to succeed. Businesses that were once the backbone of our local economy have gone elsewhere. But what has persisted through all of these changes, even through the hardships, is the strength of individuals within our communities. Alongside these neighbors, we can rebuild our communities stronger than before…before a pandemic and political strife showed our shortcomings all the more starkly.

We need strong leadership in Dover committed to making the right choices that take into account the diverse needs of this district. We need strong leadership to ensure that everyone is represented, no matter where you live. We must make the choice now, at this critical moment, to elect and maintain leaders who are committed not just to speaking for others, but to elevating voices and empowering the actions of residents, to listening and creating policies that put people first.

This is what I’m continuing to fight for, and to create space in Dover that honors that. Every one of us deserves to have hope for a brighter future, and a hand in defining what that means.